Some of My Favorite Things

Can you guys believe that Christmas is literally 12 days away!?!? I know I can’t but I am definitely more prepared this year than prior years. Maybe it’s because we have the girls now and we actually started buying Christmas gift back in July. I also tend to be a last minute shopper sometimes… ok maybe most of the time but hey whatever works right!

Well through this year I’ve had the opportunity to get things for the girls and myself that I absolutely love and have to share with you guys. So here we go with the first thing on my list!


This felt ball rug is absolutely one of my most favorite accent pieces. The colors are so vibrant and what’s more special it’s that its all hand made. You can really use it just about anywhere in the house. Madison loves lounging on it most of the time! (*This post is Sponsored by FeltBallRugUSA. All opinions are 100% my own.)

And sometimes when she has her imaginary tea party she likes it under her table. Which I think makes for a great piece to complete their little dining room area.

Seriously guys look how adorable it is, it’s so perfect! It literally gives their space that extra pop of color!

You guys definitely need to checkout their website. They have different colored felt ball rugs as well! They make a great gift for a babies nursery or playroom.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s favorites! And let me know what are some of your favorite things this year as well.



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