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I am a big fan of baby carriers since my first born. Baby wearing has been around for centuries all over the world. It’s a technique that comes so handy when you’re trying to either soothe your baby or even have your hands free so you are able to do other things.

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Since Madison was born I’ve had 3 different carriers alone. One was better when she was a newborn, the others as she grew but non where ever just it. They were all plain Jane and just didn’t have the right back support for me. I could only carry her for short periods of time before my back started aching. When Maya came along we decided to try out the Lillie Baby and so far everything about it is amazing. First of all can we just acknowledge how cute their patterns and designs are! Not just that but the variety of colors they come in and how many different styles of carriers they have. From wraps to even slings. So stylish and unique. What is there not to love about it right!?

I decided that this time around I wanted something fun, bright and girly. I chose the 6 – 1 Pink Complete Embossed Luxe carrier. It is so beautiful. I love the two tone pink and the embossed design on the front of it. It’s usually a show stopper! People are always complimenting us. On the plus side this is your breast-cancer awareness product from their line. 10% of each sale of this beautiful baby carrier will be benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. How amazing is that!

It’s is very comfortable and so easy to put on. Maya will sleep for hours when I am carrying her. There’s just something about baby carrying that makes little babies just more calm and I absolutely love that. One of my favorite features on the Lillie Baby is the back support. This has a unique back support that other carriers lack. Just this feature alone increases comfort, maintains healthy posture and alignment, and prevents lower back strain. I can wear Maya all day without a problem. And the maximum weight your baby can be to use this carrier is 45 lbs.

The 6 in 1 carrier has so many features such as the two way strap. That way you can wear the baby like a backpack. A sleeping hood so your baby can sleep comfortably without the sun hitting their face. And my favorite is the pockets for storage. That way I don’t have to carry my wallet or purse in case I’m doing a quick run to the grocery store. Because seriously how can you handle a baby plus a toddler and not forget stuff like your purse or wallet. So this is a very convenient feature. I can just put my I.D. and debit card in the pocket and go. Also one feature that I absolutely love and wish I would have gotten this earlier when Maya was a newborn is the fact that you don’t need an infant insert! Basically you can start carrying your newborn in this carrier as long as they are 7 lbs at birth without an insert. I mean seriously, this is a must have!

I absolutely have loved baby carrying since Madison was born but I definitely enjoy it more now. I can still manage to handle both my girls without jeopardizing the other and that is very important to me as a mommy of two under two. This Lillie Baby carrier is basically a dream come true.

What do you think about baby carriers? Has it made your life easier? Will you be using this method when your little one is born? Because if anything I highly recommend it!




  1. that’s nice post. i’m also the fan of baby carrier as here in France (for me) it’s complicate to go everywhere with the stroller so, baby carrier is number one

  2. This carrier looks awesome! I have a few, but the back suooort is an issue with all of them. I love the pattern you chose!

    1. Yea back support was always an issue with my last few carriers. This one is perfect though. It gives me some relief.

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