Fall Fashion

Since becoming a new mommy of two I’ve felt like jeans and a v-neck are the most comfortable thing to wear besides my sweats and t-shirts. My husband in the other hand hates it. He always lets me know how much he misses me dressing up. See before kids I used to always dress up. Especially during the summer, I loved wearing dresses. So I’m definitely trying to make an effort and sprucing up my wardrobe with new pieces for the fall.

(*This post is Sponsored by PinkBlush. All opinions are 100% my own.)

Well luckily for me PinkBlush has come to the rescue and knocked some fashion sense back into me. See the difference in their brand is that they cater to pregnant and post pregnant women. Our bodies change so much through pregnancy that sometimes it’s so hard to find something cute and comfortable and most importantly appealing. Because if you ask me, I’m still struggling to loose those last 10 lbs from the last, last baby. PinkBlush has made me accept my post baby body and they actually have some of the cutest clothes that is fashionable and that is great quality. Another great attribute to their line is that it’s specially made for breastfeeding mommies. Most of their blouses and dresses are made with you in mind. They have a little bit for every mom.

Plus going shopping for some new clothes is not something I want to do with two little ones. It’s almost impossible to be honest. Especially during the first few months of the new babies life. I know I didn’t want her to be exposed to the world quite yet. So with PinkBlush I am able to go shopping right from the comfort of my home on their website.

This particular dress is the Burgundy Multi-Colored Printed Lace Up Maternity Dress. You would have never guessed I was wearing a maternity piece would ya!? Well I am and it’s one of my favorite dresses. It’s so easy to dress up with the right accessories and shoes. The best part of it all it’s so lightweight to pack and it doesn’t take up any room in my bag. I wish all my clothes were like this. I definitely say check them out if you’re looking to spice up your wardrobe this season.




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