Dining in Calgary

I love exploring new cities when I’m overnighting! I like finding cute little shops, restaurants, ice cream parlors, basically anything that gets me out of the hotel room!My first time in Calgary last night was amazing! Not only because I got out but because I had an awesome crew as well! So my first officer suggested we’d go to this restaurant called, CLEAVER. You guys this place was just perfect and their food and drinks were amazing. It’s a very hipster chic type of restaurant. The ambiance, the music, everything about it was so cool.We started the night with a complementary mug of popcorn. It had a curry/Tajín taste to it. Such a weird combination, I know but trust me it was good! Their drinks had such fun names to them. Here I am with my “Who’s Your Daddy Now” margarita. It’s made of tequila, tamarind, Cointreau, grapefruit, ginger, lime and a piece of crispy chicken skin as garnish but it’s also very tasty. Yea I know it sounds disgusting but it totally wasn’t.Cleaver is definitely known for their sliders. They have a good variety of them. We had the chipotle cheeseburger, buttermilk chicken and lamb. Out of all of them the chipotle slider was definitely my favorite! So delicious!We also had this yummy bread concoction made out of Brie, basil pesto, fig and walnut bread with shave pear. This was so mouth watering guys!If you ever find yourself in Calgary, you must try this chic restaurant. Trust me you won’t be disappointed!I’m definitely looking forward to going back and try out their brunch menu. Hopefully it’ll happen sometime soon and I will give you guys an update on that!

Xoxo Your Favorite Flight Attendant,


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