Washable Accent Rugs!?

So what if I told you that there’s an actual accent rug that can be washed in your washer. Would you believe me? Well ladies let me tell you that there is and they are Lorena Canals rugs.http://lorenacanals.us (*Thank you Lorena Canals for sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% my own.)

We would have never before put out an accent rug anywhere in the house while the girls were small. Mainly because our biggest pet peeve would be having the girls spill just about anything on it. But with our Lorena Canals Rug we no longer have to worry about things like that. We can easily just throw it in the washer and have a clean rug again in no time.(Check out our Zig Zag rug.)

Our Lorena Canals rug is definitely one of my favorite accent pieces in our house. Especially now more than ever knowing that it’s ok for the girls to have a snack on it. No more having to stress over stains and more time to enjoy those lounging days on our rug!

You do not have to sacrifice style for practicality. Check out their beautiful selection of rugs amongst other pieces! You’ll never go wrong with one. Trust me!



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