Baby Wearing Baby Daddy

Who has said that baby wearing is just for women. Well let me tell you it is not! It is so important for a baby to have some bonding time with daddy as much as it does with their mommy. It aids the baby in developing balance, motor skills and mobility. Babies who are worn are less likely to cry and are happier and healthier little nuggets. It’s time for every dad to wear their baby and just own it!

(*Thank you Mission Critical for sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% my own and of course Steven’s.)

Steven has been all about baby wearing since day one! He loves the closeness he has with the girls and feels like baby wearing has attributed to that. Luckily for him Mission Critical sent us a baby carrier and a diaper bag for him to try out and let me tell you, he is obsessed! He calls dibs on wearing Maya while we are out all the time now. He loves that they are dedicated to the dads point of view when it comes to baby carriers.

5 Reasons Steven Loves Mission Critical

  1. He loves how comfortable the baby carrier is for him and the baby. It has full back support. He can carry Maya facing in or out.
  2. It also has a sun shade cover for the baby. Which is a great feature if you’re out and need to cover that sweet baby from the sun hitting its face.
  3. He absolutely loves the tactical style of it. It has a very manly look compare to my girly ones he says. Definitely gets tons of parents asking him about it when we’re out and about.
  4. The backpack has a lot of storage compartments. It even has a baby changing mat. (Which I had no idea until now!) The backpack can also be used for many other things. Necessarily not just a diaper bag. Hence the fact is doesn’t look like a diaper bag at all!
  5. The best part is the baby carrier and backpack hook together to make one whole piece. It makes for a perfect gift to a first time dad. (Picture pending.)

I know he wishes he had this when we had Madison but luckily for him, he is able to have this experience once again with Maya. He gets to baby wear her whenever we are out and not just that he also wears her at home when we’re cleaning or when she’s just fussy. Wearing tends to calm her down. This is definitely a must for the new dad in your life. Check out Mission Critical for all their awesome gear.



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