Holiday Season Upon Us

I cannot believe that we are in the middle of October! Where has the time gone!? It feels like just yesterday I had Maya and here we are just a couple of months closer to a new year!

I do have to say that ever since having the girls the holidays have been my most favorite time of the year. Not that they weren’t before but now they just have a whole new meaning. Steven and I get to create new traditions and memories with our girls and that’s definitely special.

To begin let me tell you guys, this year alone we’ve taken the girls to the pumpkin patch at least 8 times!!! This would have never happened before. We would literally go once, get a couple of pumpkins and come home to never return till the following year! I love seeing their little faces light up when they see the lights and the rides. I know it’s not Disneyland but hey it’s close enough for a toddler and an infant. And with Halloween approaching us real soon, I’m definitely debating on what to dress them up as. They’re just so many different options that are so cute! How can you decide with just one thing right!?

Thankfully this year I will be off for Thanksgiving! This is such a big deal for me since in our industry there’s no such thing as days off. So can you imagine my excitement over this! I can’t wait to bake all the sweet goodies with my little girls and dress them up just for dinner! (Yes we are that family!) Now let’s hope that I have the same luck and get Christmas off.

I know that for Christmas we have started our tradition of making personalized ornaments every year with Madison. We are definitely going to continue that tradition with Maya. And there are so many more traditions I can literally keep going on about. I’ll have to save that for a later post. To Steven and I Christmas is even more magical now that we have our girls. Maya is still a baby but Madison is at the age of curiosity and excitement! That gives me all the feels.

I cannot wait to go pick a Christmas tree and set it up! And with all that said guess who has started planning baby girls first birthday!?!? Can time just slow down!!! (Insert crying emoji here. Haha) What are some of your family traditions that you’ve pass down to your children or will pass down?



P.S. Here are the links of some of my favorite pumpkin patches this year and more pictures of our adventures!

1. Live Oak Canyon Pumpkin Patch and Christmas Tree Farm

2. Rileys Farm (More of a picking farm but they have plenty to do here.)

3. Pumpkins & Trees (We go to the Rancho Cucamonga location.)

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