Formula Pro by Baby Brezza

Many of you guys know Maya has struggled with milk allergies since birth from a few post back. It’s has been a road of trial and error and sometimes a very scary one. But we finally got it right and she’s thriving on Nutramigen by Enfamil.

While she was in the NICU after being born the Dr. discovered that she was lactose intolerant. Luckily she didn’t have to be formula fed for long because I was producing enough breast milk for the nurses to feed her. But that was shortly lived. She became allergic to my breast milk, including soy milk and that is when the doctors decided to put her on Nutramigen.

Which brings me to our new Formula Pro by Baby Brezza. Who in the world would have ever thought to make a machine that’s basically a baby Keurig is a genius! This saves me from making bottles while I am half asleep in the middle of the night. Trust me, when Maddie was a baby I had quite a few incidents where I would miss the entire bottle and had to clean up formula off the counter at 3am! I would be so upset because this might not be precious gold but it’s definitely precious powder to me. I love being able to just place the bottle in position, push a button and that’s it!

The Formula Pro instantly makes bottles as small as 2-ounces up to 10-ounces in no time. You still have to shake the bottle to make sure the powder is all dissolved which is basically a habit for us, we are so used to doing it anyways. The Formula Pro holds 50oz.’s of water and also keeps it warm at perfect temperature so you don’t have to worry about warming up milk. Make sure to set the wheel at the correct number for your formula dispenser. This is such an important factor. You want to make sure that your little one is being fed correctly. The machine does come with a guide that tells you based on what formula you are using what setting you need to have it on, you can also find this guide on their website.

(Make sure to run a water test before adding your formula.)

Having this machine has gave me peace of mind especially while I’m gone for work and my mom or father in law are watching the baby. It’s literally one less thing they have to worry about with one touch of a button. This is a great alternate for us mommies when we also have a toddler at home and have a million other things to do.

Here are my tips on using the Formula Pro:

1. Make sure to read the instructions carefully. This is the most important step. Otherwise you will be frustrated like me and start looking for YouTube tutorials.

2. Clean and dry the funnel every four bottles. This will keep your machine running smoothly.

3. Make sure to clean the hole where the formula comes out of after cleaning the funnel. Usually this is where it will clogged up if it’s not cleaned and dried properly.

4. Read your guide for the formula dispenser so it’s set on the right setting.

5. Wash everything about every other week or so.

The Baby Breeza Formula Pro is definitely heaven sent! Thank you for thinking of us, the sleep deprived parents. I wished I would had had this gadget with my first born. It’s definitely a great registry item if you’re possibly going the formula feeding route. It makes life just that much easier.



*Thank you Baby Brezza for sponsoring this post.

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