Busy Bag 

The day finally came guys! I finally put my oldest on her first commercial flight to New York City. She loved flying and was so good. She did sleep most of the flight both ways but to keep her busy during the times that she was awake we brought her busy bag. My friend, Gabi came up with this great idea while traveling with her toddler.

(She loved wearing her backpack aka the busy bag.) 

So we were talking about taking my girls on their first plane ride (yes I know what you’re thinking, “Why haven’t you put your two year old on a plane if flying is what you do for a living!?!”) this summer. We decided that it would have to be a red eye somewhere so Maddie could sleep on her way there and come back that same evening so she could sleep on her way back and we left the baby with grandma since she had been teething that week. Well anyways, Gabi always thought that I was crazy for never putting Madison on a plane. Well let me tell you.. my kid is crazy. Yes she’s definitely my child. She has so much energy and just doesn’t stop. She’s constantly doing something or getting into some kinda mischief. So imagine this kid on a plane! I definitely don’t want to end up on the 5 o’clock news. That’s all I could ever think of and one of the main reasons why I wanted to wait till she was older. She then suggested a busy bag.

(She loved running around in the waiting area.) 

A busy bag consists of a backpack (or any kinda bag really) and a bunch of stuff typically from targets dollar spot section or the dollar tree or whatever store you love to shop at. So you would purchase such things like coloring books, magic markers from Crayola, little people, stamps, stickers and a magnetic book. You can put anything really. Things that will keep your little one active in one place. She uses all these thing to keep her little world traveler Arabela, busy while they’re on trips. This to me is the most brilliant idea ever! More parents should do this in my opinion. I see it time and time again, kids just being frustrated and not wanting to sit still when they come on our planes. 

So for Madison’s busy bag we bought her a simple $5 backpack from the Spot section at Target. We included a dry erase board, magnetic colorful shapes, a book to read, her current favorite toy which is an airplane of course, a few snacks and Clorox wipes. Let me tell you this was the best thing ever. She played with her magnets, she scribbled on her board and of course played with her plane. The Clorox wipes were more to sanitize the tray tables on the planes because you don’t know what’s been in them. The best part was she loved wearing her backpack which she kept calling a “backet”, we thought it was so funny and cute. It was a new experience for her and even though she won’t remember it Steven and I will and it will always be one of our favorites. 

Overall this is the best advice I’ve ever gotten and a great first experience, flying across the country with my 2 year old. I’m so happy Gabi told me about this because it made traveling with our little one a lot easier. There are a lot of times I see frustrated parents with cranky kids on my flights. I usually carry lollipops or stickers so when a child starts to cry I can help out in some way but this is not the case with most flight attendants. And honestly you can make a busy bag with anything you might possibly have at home in their toy box already. Just grab a bag and fill it up with a few trinkets. This could be useful for car rides as well. The possibilities are endless. 

(Here are some pictures of our quick trip to New York.)

What are other ways you ladies keep your little ones busy while traveling? I’m definitely open to others ideas and would love to hear about them. Also follow Gabi and her little world traveler on Instagram @gabigrillo to see their wonderful adventures. 




  1. How much fun does that look like!!!! I am so glad that you all got to take a trip there to hang out and make memories plus getting Miss Madison used to exploring and experiencing new places and people!!!!

  2. I LOVE this idea!! Can’t wait to do this when I have little ones. Seeing you balance work and family so beautifully and honestly, gives me hope that I can do it in the future too❤️

    1. Everything and anything is possible! Just have the right mindset and a great support system. Kids make this job so much more worthwhile. Knowing that we will able to travel the world with them as they grow older makes me look forward to grow in this career but for now have fun! See the world and explore!

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