Let’s Go Shopping With Binxy Baby

Let’s talk about shopping with little ones for a minute. Basically every time I’ve gone shopping it feels like a disaster. Nothing ever fits in the cart because I am that mom that puts the baby in the car seat while my toddler sits in the front of the shopping cart. And yes I bring the diaper bag aka purse with me all the time. Basically that leaves me with no kind of room to put any of my groceries in.
So what if I told you that there is a baby hammock for your shopping cart that will leave you with plenty of room to put all your stuff in!? Well if you haven’t heard of it yet let me introduce you to the Binxy Baby!
Literally one of the best inventions ever!!! I mean look at it! Not only do I have plenty of room for my groceries (or just random stuff I get from target) but I also don’t have to lug that car seat around anymore through the store that never left me any room in the first place. Maya can now lay there comfortably in her hammock since she still needs support and she can also look around while we’re out shopping. No more having to be all cramped up in one cart or even having to bring your husband or best friend so he or she can push an extra cart to get your stuff in one shopping trip.
(Look at my big girl. She sure loves the camera!)

So far shopping with the Binxy Baby has made it so much more enjoyable and practical! I wished I had this when Madison was a baby. I highly recommend this and I personally think this is a must in your baby registry if you are currently expecting. When shopping with babies, safety comes first and the Binxy Baby is just that!
(Madison having a meltdown for who knows what reason.)

(*This post is Sponsored by Binxy Baby. All opinions are 100% my own.)

As a mom of two under two, things like this make me happy because it makes my day to day errands easier. I am also pretty sure that my six month old appreciates it, as she is now more alert and wanting to see her surroundings. This is something that Binxy Baby was able to do and I cannot rave enough of this product to you guys!






  1. Oh my goodness what a fantastic invention. I would have LOVED this with Tuna was little. It would have been so much easier than always putting him in the carrier! I’ll have to keep this in mind if we ever expand our little family!

  2. I loved the post the kids are enjoying shopping in the lovely cart. Its so comfortable to put kids in these carriers. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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