Sisters By Chance, Best Friends By Choice

My little girls how things have changed since you girls came into our lives. Not only do you bring so much happiness to daddy and I but to one another. Madison the day you became a big sister I know you're little life changed drastically. All of a sudden you had a best friend of your own to grow up with. Maya could not have come at a better time.

I guess it never crossed my mind till now that I have two little girls that will have that same bond forever just like my sister and I. I too have my own little sister, my very own best friend. We might not see each other or talk everyday but I know that she is always thinking of me as much as I think of her. We've been each other's cheerleaders for as long as I can remember. And even though we've had our own fallouts in the past (just like any other sibling fight) we've managed to never let stupid things get in the way. We're always there to pick each other up and remind each other that we can dream big and we will be there at the finish line for each other. I love her more than anything and although I don't constantly tell her that I know she already knows that.

(Old school: Me at 2.5yrs and KP at about 7 months.)
And for that I am grateful that my two girls are so close in age and I know that they will be each other's besties and biggest cheerleaders. Just like mommy and auntie. Nothing melts my heart more than seeing them already bonding and loving each other as much as they do.

I couldn't have asked for better babies. They're everything and more. And with that said…

Happy National Sisters Day!


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