Oh Monday…

Well Monday is finally here and I’m on my way to Dallas for my first week of work in about seven months. Of course my flight is delayed because of weather (back in DFW). I should have checked this morning but I completely forgot, rookie mistake.

(Still no plane insight nonetheless it’s a beautiful day in California.) 

So this morning was a little rough. It broke my heart to leave my babies. This is the first time I’m away from my girls in seven months. It didn’t helped that Maddie was running a fever and I also have a teething 4 month old, my poor babies. Oh the joys of motherhood, the one thing I hate the most is them being sick. Luckily they’re with grandma so I know they are in good hands. It did help that I gave them lots of cuddles and kisses before heading to the airport as well. 

(My cuddle bugs.)

This is the one thing about my job, I already miss my little family and can’t wait to get back on Thursday! It really makes me appreciate them more and I value the time I am with them. 

Anyways, onto better news. I wanted to share my new  logo with you guys! I am completely in love with it and I have to thank Nick for it! I asked him for these specific details and he definitely delivered!!! This is a reflection of what my life really is. I’m always on the go and now I have two beautiful souls to see the world with Steven and I. We can’t wait to take them on their first trip. Maybe it’ll be this summer or maybe next year. We’ll have to wait and see. Stay tuned. 

Hope everyone has a great Monday and a wonderful week. 



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  1. My babies are so cute!!!!..I know that they will appreciate what it is that Mommy does and to know that you and Steven will be able to give them a life to see the world, meet other cultures and be so well rounded as they grow.

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