I survived my first week back 

Ok so first week back at work was a success. I was gone for a total of 3.5 days. Not too bad! And let me tell you guys, I cried like a baby the first night away. I’m so used to story time and cuddling my girls before bedtime. I felt so lonely. I called Steven crying and he reassured me everything will be fine. Which put me more at ease and I was finally able to get some rest. 

So while I was gone I flew with these pilots, one of which I’ve flown with before. He’s pretty relatable. He’s married and has 4 kids. We might have talked way too much about our kids. I’m pretty positive that we sounded annoying to our first officer.  He’s single and has no kids. Poor guy was so clueless and probably over us by the end of the second night. I’m sure he was happy that he got reassigned to a different trip. I didn’t realized how much I talked about my kids until that night. I mean they are my life and I am a mom, how can I not bring them up. My life obviously revolves around them. But I did promise myself that night, after getting to the hotel, that for others sanity I will “TRY” to not talk about them as much. Haha I don’t want to be that coworker either, you know. 

Besides that I got to see some of my wonderful coworkers and I was able to catch up with them! It felt great to have some adult interaction. I also felt right at home when I worked my first flight. It’s crazy how I haven’t flown in so long but everything just feels so natural. It’s like I never left. And just seeing those sunsets from my “office view”, it’s something I will never get tired of!Oh and one more thing that was so great while I was gone, was being able to shower without having to hear, “Mom! Mom! Mommy!” the whole entire time. (The one thing I’m usually having to rush through.) It’s the little things I tell you. Well I hope everyone had a wonderful week. 




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