Preserving Our Memories 

Let’s talk about how us millennials hardly ever print out pictures and make photo albums with them or scrapbooks. I mean who has time for that really? They’ll always be in our phones or in our memory cards right!? Wrong! Let me tell you first of all invest in some sort of cloud to save these precious moments. Because imagine what would happen if you suddenly lost your phone or even your camera. I personally use Prime Photos since it comes with my Amazon Prime membership and even if you don’t have a membership with them they have two different yearly plans but there are so many other services that you can look into. Trust me this is one thing you won’t regret spending money on. Especially if you have little ones!

Another great option is creating a personal  email for each kid and sending them those special pictures and videos directly to them from your phone. This is something Steven and I started for each of the girls from the time they were born. This is free and easy to set up with gmail or yahoo. We plan on giving them this once they are old enough and hopefully they cherish this as much as we do.  I believe this is a great option for those of us with a busy life. I usually send them stuff in bulk once a week and write little notes about each moment.

I’m also big on old school Polaroid pictures, except I own a couple of Fujifilm instax mini cameras and I try to capture special moments with those. For example, when the girls were first born and people came to meet them for the first time we always took pictures of each individual holding them. What’s nice about these pictures is they sell cute little albums you can insert these in. Each one of the girls have one. I believe it’s a nice little memory each one will have.

All my other pictures I take are either on my iPhone 6 or my Canon Rebel T5. I also print a lot of my pictures. I like to be a little old school when it comes to this because till this day one of my favorite things to do is go through old albums and seeing pictures of myself when I was a kid with my mom. So every trip to Costco or Sams Club is an opportunity for me to print out these special pictures. Once I’m there I just do a quick stop by their photo department to pick them up. It’s so easy to order them and so inexpensive. The one thing I do lack is buying albums for them. So for now they are stored in a pretty box in our closet. One of these days I will get a little more organized with them.

What are some tips on managing your photos? Do you have a special app and/or do you print them? I would like to know what you ladies do with your precious photos.



  1. I personally like to create photo books. Especially for major occasions like a milestone birthday or holidays. You can write you own captions or even a story! And if you love books like I do, they make a great addition to a home library. Thanks for sharing your ideas Maggie. I definitely got somw new ideas on how to save and share our captured life moments!

    1. So glad I gave you new ideas! And I love the idea of creating photo books. I need to look into that.

  2. I arrange photos in a big family book and print it for Christmas. I find that it gets overwhelming to go through a whole year’s worth of photos, though, so I “favorite” the best ones each time I upload pictures onto my computer. Then I have all the greatest pictures ready to be arranged in a photo book!

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