DockATot & The Staggie Babies

Whenever parents tell you that their kids are great at taking naps they're lying to you! Ok maybe not all parents but for instance my girls have been horrible nappers since the day they were born. I kid you not! I feel like maybe I'm just cursed or maybe it's just my kids, because all of my friends with kids are always telling me how easy their little ones go down for nap time and that they take a minimum of 2-4 hour naps! To those of you who have great nappers, I applaud and envy you! My kids take 30 minutes naps and sometimes if I'm lucky they'll nap for about 2 hours.

Maya likes to nap in my arms. This is a new thing too. I don't know if it's because she's going through a growth spurt or just because she loves for me to hold her. Which trust me I don't mind at all but it does make it impossible for me to get stuff done around the house or even tend to Madison when I could easily lay her down in her crib. We used to lay her down in her bassinet and she would sleep in it wonderfully. But now that she's mobile, sitting up and pulling herself up this is no longer an option.
(*This post is Sponsored by DockATot. All opinions are 100% my own.)

Our second option has been the floor but I don't want to just lay my baby on hardwood floors. This is were the DockATot has come handy.
The DockATot is almost like a pillow top for a baby that is portable. Its really soft and comfortable and easy to clean. It's great for tummy time, play time or nap time. It has bumpers so if you have a baby that loves rolling in their sleep like mine, this gives you the security that they won't roll off. So far the DockATot has done the trick for us. She's been napping like a little angel in it since we've gotten it. Madison has been napping in it as well. I'm not sure if it's because she sees' her baby sister in it but hey I'll take it! If she wants to nap in it so be it.

We decided to go with the DockATot Grand because Maya is pretty long, she would have grown out of the Deluxe quickly. Plus the Grand size can be used until she is 36 months. Not only that but Madison can still use this! So it's a win win situation for both girls!

Another great thing about the DockATot is that we can travel with it. It comes with a nice travel bag so it's easy to bring anywhere with us. We usually bring it everywhere, like the park and grandmas. The girls love lounging and playing in it. According to Madison it's a "pool". They can literally play in it for hours. Well at least Madison can at the time. Maya gets bored easily.

This has definitely been a great asset for us too since Maya has just started crawling. It's made her feel more confident and if she loses her grip we know she won't fall on any hard surface. We love the versatility of this product and love that we can always purchase different covers for it.

The DockATot is a must for first time mommies. You and your baby will thank me later.


P.S. Here are additional pictures of our adventures at the park this week.


  1. You got so many cute pictures. That looks like such an amazing product ❤️ The girls are too cute and we could all use a little sleep eh?

  2. My little one doesn’t like to nap either. He normally only naps for about a little under an hour! I can’t imagine a 4 hour nap! I’ve thought about getting a DockATot to help transition him from the RockNPlay, so that he still feels secure in his crib. Great post!

  3. You know there is always something new. My youngest is 4 and I don’t recall anything like this the but this is a fantastic thing! I love that it’s soft but to be portable is a win. Napping or playing!! This is definitely a nice gift for moms.

  4. We love our DockAtot… I didn’t have it with my first daughter because I couldn’t justify spending that much money, and then I actually won one before our second daughter arrived and I can’t believe I ever thought it wasn’t worth every penny!! My toddler loves lounging in it too when her little sister isn’t it lol

  5. Oh my goodness your littles are just SO adorable!!!!! This looks like a great product… I may pick one up for a gift 🙂

  6. I’ve heard so many great things about DockATot… I didn’t get one this go around, but if we have another baby I think I’ll have to add it to our list to try! PS… your babes are ADORABLE

  7. I wish I had had this when my daughter was younger! She has always had a tough time sleeping, both at naptime and nighttime!

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