Mixed Chicks For My Mixed Chicks

Here's a fun fact about me, I actually have long curly hair that I straighten all the time. Ok it's more like every 4 days and yes that means I don't wash it everyday but I do use a lot of dry shampoo which essentially does the same thing right! Plus washing your hair everyday can be damaging since you are washing your natural oils away which leads to really dry hair. So hair product and the way you maintain your hair is very important. And now not only do I have to worry about my own hair, I also have two little girls that I have to make sure I'm not just using any product. Since they are mixed babies, half African American and half Salvadorian they have really curly hair. Well at least Madison does now, Maya is still my little baldy but sooner or later she too will have beautiful curly hair like her big sister.

(My little mix chick, still waiting on her curls to make an appearance.)

(*This post is Sponsored by Mixed Chicks. All opinions are 100% my own.)

So a few years ago I started purchasing Mixed Chicks leave in conditioner for my mom. See she has really curly hair and it was kind of damaged from all the chemicals she's put in it in the past. It instantly started making a difference once she started using it daily. It's become softer overtime. Now having my own little girls I want to put the best in their hair no matter what the cost is. We started putting the Mixed Chicks leave in conditioner on Madison's hair and we loved how soft her curls are.

The great thing about Mixed Chicks they actually have a kids line unlike other brands. It caters to children's curly hair and their products are as natural as it gets. Their shampoo, I love because it's sulfate free, tear free and can be used as a body wash. It also has a nice orange scent to it. The conditioner provides moisture and it's a great detangler. It de-tangles Madison hair nicely so I'm not pulling on her hair. Their kids leave in conditioner is awesome. It helps with frizz control and it defines curls. Her hair looks and feels soft and weightless which is a plus! And then there's their  kids tangle tamer! Remember how at the beginning I mentioned how I don't wash my hair everyday. Well I don't wash Madison's hair everyday either but I do use the kids tangle tamer to brush her hair out and add just a little bit of the leave in conditioner. This is great because it gives it that fresh new look, it adds moisture, reduces morning frizz and once again I'm not pulling on her hair. 

Since both my girls were born we've used only natural products on them especially their hair. I want them to embrace and love their hair and to learn to take care of it at a young age. We are so happy with the Mixed Chicks Kids line and recommend it to anyone with kids that have curly hair like our mix chicks. Also check out their other product because it's worked wonders on my mother. Go check them out! 

What are some of your favorite products for your hair? For your kids? Please share with me as I like to learn new things as well. 




  1. Hey Jet Plane Mommy,

    You know the makers of Mixed Chicks should look at having those two beautiful babies models for their products {just sayin}….
    They are just too precious and priceless for words and I just love ya’ll…
    Keep up the great blog because it is becoming my go-to for information on so many wonderful items!!!!

    Looking forward to the next blog,

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