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If you ever met my daughter Madison you know she loves being barefoot when we are home. But the minute you let her know we will be heading out she's running to get her shoes so we can go "bye bye". Lately her favorite go to shoes are her Freshly Picked moccasins. It gives her that feel as if she were almost barefoot.

(*This post is Sponsored by Freshly Picked. All opinions are 100% my own.)

As you know being a mom of two girls I'm always browsing through the latest trends because let's be honest, they are like little adorable dolls I can dress up in the cutest clothes and the cutest shoes. When I came across Freshly Picked I knew they would be perfect and ideal for our little fashionista.

(Madison is wearing the Salt Flats here.)

They are very lightweight for her little feet and pretty comfortable. I like that they are real soft leather. These moccasins also have room for her to grow in, which most of her other shoes now she's grown out off in just a couple of months. I personally love the fact that they are so stylish and can either be dressed up or down. You can't go wrong with moccasins for any occasion. Freshly Picked has even made it easy for her to learn how to put on her own shoes since they are slip ons.

Freshly Picked moccasins are also great for babies learning to crawl and Maya is almost there. Since they are so lightweight and their soles are soft it'll make it easier for her to have that control as if she does while she's barefoot. Plus the fact that their shoes have an elastic insert around the top is great for security for those little ones that can't keep their shoes on. They are definitely going to be a good starter shoe once she's on the move.

Go check them out on their website, Freshly Picked. They have a great selection for both girls and a boys. You'll thank me later!




  1. These little moccasins are absolutely precious!!

    I need to look at these for sweet baby shower/birthday/Christmas gifts. Thanks for sharing your opinions and information about such a great product.

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